Help us to change the world

“Career AND good karma!”

What do we mean when we say professional fundraising in the 21st Century? WAYS is working together with the sector to revolutionise the way we acquire and manage our regular givers. It’s an exciting project to be involved in with global implications.

Fundraising as a career
WAYS has built a unique piece of software designed specifically for the not for profit sector. Our face to face programme goes above and beyond.
Each of our fundraisers has an iPad to securely capture supporters details and ensure accurate complete data is sent on to the charity.
After a supporter has watched an inspirational charity video and has signed up to become a regular giver, an instant payment can be taken.

On the street
Fundraisers in the team are treated and trained to be professionals, taking away the clip board and revolutionising with the iPad. There is a look, feel and ambiance to our teams, whether backpacker or resident they are involved in professional fundraising.
WAYS Fundraisers acquire long term supporters for our charity partners through one to one conversations on the street or in shopping centres, maximising every conversation through the use of our technology.

Power to the people
There is a team of people dedicated to supporting you, providing for the needs of the charity, the supporter and the fundraiser. The roles here are critical to our success and will ensure the correct locations, teams and contact is provided to all stakeholders.